My Ngong Ping 360 Experience


I’m back! I bet you guys missed me. It’s been awhile since I blogged about my adventures. I got a new job and in this company, it takes 6 months before a newbie becomes a regular employee. It is due to this factor that I haven’t been going on any adventures since I didn’t have leave with pay privileges yet. Good news is, we had a long weekend last week and fortunately, my dad booked us a flight to Hong Kong.

I guess you can say Hong Kong is my family’s second home. We used to go there around 2 times a year to see our doctor. Yes, we have a doctor there. My parents aren’t as trustworthy with Western medicine like I am so they want us to see a Chinese doctor for a second opinion. Anyway, I guess I babbled too long. Let me tell you about my Ngong Ping 360 experience.

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