My Ngong Ping 360 Experience


I’m back! I bet you guys missed me. It’s been awhile since I blogged about my adventures. I got a new job and in this company, it takes 6 months before a newbie becomes a regular employee. It is due to this factor that I haven’t been going on any adventures since I didn’t have leave with pay privileges yet. Good news is, we had a long weekend last week and fortunately, my dad booked us a flight to Hong Kong.

I guess you can say Hong Kong is my family’s second home. We used to go there around 2 times a year to see our doctor. Yes, we have a doctor there. My parents aren’t as trustworthy with Western medicine like I am so they want us to see a Chinese doctor for a second opinion. Anyway, I guess I babbled too long. Let me tell you about my Ngong Ping 360 experience.

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Sucked Into The Black Hole

You talk to him casually, exchange stories here and there but you know it isn’t the same as how it used to be. Yet, you find yourself checking your inbox more often. Seeing that person’s name makes your heart skip a beat. You know you’re in trouble once you feel butterflies on your stomach. It was as if it were the first time, the days when both of you just couldn’t stop talking to each other. “No, this isn’t right. I am already over this.” You mutter these words to yourself over and over until you can absorb the message. But once you hear that “ping” sound on your phone, you go right back to the roller coaster ride of emotions and find yourself being sucked into the black hole once again.


Love Desserts: The Dessert Buffet Experience

Last week, Rucchie and I went to Love Desserts, a dessert buffet in Banawe, Quezon City to satisfy our sweet tooth. Since we went on a weekday afternoon, we were expecting only a few people to be present since they would have either been at work or in school. To our dismay, the place was jam-packed with students when we arrived. We forgot the fact that some schools were already having their summer vacation and what better way to spend your summer vacation than by eating unlimited ice cream, am I right?


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The Vanishing Heart

He shattered my heart into a million pieces,
Some nobody could see with the naked eye.
You picked them up by blowing kisses
And I allowed you to so that my heart wouldn’t die.

Little by little, my heart started forming,
Its shape once again being visible.
But you stopped coming,
Mending my heart was not feasible.

You knew he still haunted me in my sleep,
With every touch and kiss that could have been.
Maybe you knew it would make me weep,
So you chose for my heart to not be seen.

Please tell me this made sense. I tried so hard to make the words rhyme.

💖 The Dreamer


The Walking Dead: Comics vs Series


I’ve been really into The Walking Dead lately that I’ve started reading the comics. In the middle of my reading, I’ve noticed a lot of differences when it comes to the AMC series and the comics. I want to share some of my sentiments to you all just because I have a lot of “feels” while reading the comics. If you are not into spoilers, then I command you to stop reading right here and now. To those who just want to watch the series and not read the ongoing comics anymore, feel free to read this blog post. Please note that everything I post are solely based on my opinion and my recollection of both the comics and the series. I might overlook some differences so I am apologizing ahead of time.

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