Company Training

Our group holds two trainings yearly, one during the middle of the year and one during the end of the year. I was told by my colleagues that the company training was always held in Subic. This year, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the company training in Boracay. That’s right, you read correctly, the company training was held in Boracay this year! Continue reading


Outing with Spartans

I’m back! I may have not been posting blog posts for the last few months but all I can say is that I haven’t quit blogging yet. With that, let me tell you about my team building experience with my team, Spartans.

The day before the outing, I got a message from Ed telling me to pack things meant for swimming and overnight. I immediately got excited because we were finally having that long-awaited outing that I wanted. True enough, the next day, we had a long day filled with fun and sports.

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