The Vanishing Heart

He shattered my heart into a million pieces,
Some nobody could see with the naked eye.
You picked them up by blowing kisses
And I allowed you to so that my heart wouldn’t die.

Little by little, my heart started forming,
Its shape once again being visible.
But you stopped coming,
Mending my heart was not feasible.

You knew he still haunted me in my sleep,
With every touch and kiss that could have been.
Maybe you knew it would make me weep,
So you chose for my heart to not be seen.

Please tell me this made sense. I tried so hard to make the words rhyme.

💖 The Dreamer


Happy 2016!!

It is extremely silent as I type into my first blog post for the year. The fireworks all around the metro had stopped and people proceeded to their slumber, hopeful for the New Year. I, too, am hopeful for this year of the monkey. Last year hasn’t been the best year. Sure, my 2015 started out with a new adventure with my family to Puerto Galera and then my first Sinulog experience, not to mention my being employed after graduating college late 2014. The first half of the year was great! I was deployed to Singapore twice and had a lot of experiences along the way that allowed me to grow as an individual. I had a chance to go to Laboracay as well. I met a lot of people who I am thankful for, without having met them, I don’t think I would have gained the wisdom that I bring into this New Year. However, the second half wasn’t great. I was a fragile soul who wanted nothing but a healthy body but alas, I wasn’t able to get what I wanted. It started out with sore eyes, followed by my atopic dermatitis acting up causing a great infection upon my body and sudden asthma attacks. Truly, I was filled with bitterness as I spent the last days of my 2015.

Now, I look into 2016 with a positive perspective. I will stop all the bitterness and look forward to each day with full confidence. I will work hard to take back what I should have done in the previous year and add a little extra to it. I will remove all the negativity into my life and accept all the positives. I guess you can say, these are my top resolutions for the year.

To 2016, surprise me with your best. I am ready for you!