Sucked Into The Black Hole

You talk to him casually, exchange stories here and there but you know it isn’t the same as how it used to be. Yet, you find yourself checking your inbox more often. Seeing that person’s name makes your heart skip a beat. You know you’re in trouble once you feel butterflies on your stomach. It was as if it were the first time, the days when both of you just couldn’t stop talking to each other. “No, this isn’t right. I am already over this.” You mutter these words to yourself over and over until you can absorb the message. But once you hear that “ping” sound on your phone, you go right back to the roller coaster ride of emotions and find yourself being sucked into the black hole once again.


The Burden That Is My Skin

I have been contemplating on whether or not to write about my condition. This topic is something that is very sensitive to me just because it has affected my life in various ways, mostly bad ways. But I guess it’s time that I tell everyone my story. I was supposed to name this “The Curse of My Skin” but the word “curse” is a very big word to use. Anyway, let me tell you all about it.  Continue reading