Long Hikes and Waterfalls


To those who read my previous post, I know I left a cliffhanger there saying that I’ll write about my Kawasan adventure in another blog post. Well, without further ado, here it is.

Adding Kawasan Falls is definitely a must to your itinerary when you visit Cebu. For PHP 2,500 per head, we got two guides who accompanied us to our hike to Kawasan Falls. It started with a briefing session in their office and the wearing of safety gears. The guides gave us a choice to have our valuables stored in one of their cabinets. Of course, the key to the cabinet was given to us. Knowing that we were going on this adventure, we brought our own dry bags as well just to store things that we would be needing later on like bottled water and towels. I got my dry bag from Tactics Water Gear and I am very satisfied with it.


After we were equipped with safety gears, their men drove us via motorcycle to the starting point of the hike. We started quite high up then we walked downhill. It was a relief to hear the sound of water flowing once we reached the bottom. A refreshing splash of water was all we needed to keep us going.


Our guide took photos for us and they turned out pretty blurry (LOL). The place was mesmerizing beyond words. There were a lot of beautiful rock formations that would take your breath away. The biggest struggle for me wasn’t the hike but the mandatory jumps. There are a total of two mandatory jumps in the whole Kawasan experience. The reason why I struggled was not because I was afraid of heights but because I was afraid of the water. When we got to the first jump, I just happened to be in front of the pack so I had no choice but to go first. The guide was patient in teaching me how to kick off. When he started counting 1 to 3, I freaked. I then asked again to confirm which rock I should step on before jumping off. Then, he started counting and I just jumped. I knew that I wouldn’t drown since I had a life jacket on but it was still scary thinking how deep the water would be. Because I was able to do the first jump, the second jump felt a little easier. However, I still wasn’t courageous enough to participate in the optional jumps.


There were a lot of good places to take photos at. The lighting could have been perfect if it weren’t too bright.


Our guide also directed us with our creative shots. He asked us to form a circle and climbed up to take a photo of us. How the photo turned out? Blurry, of course.

The hike took hours. Our time there seemed like forever. I had to ask again and again when we’d reach Kawasan Falls. Our guide explained that there were two other falls before we would reach Kawasan Falls. There were around four more opportunities to jump off, other than the mandatory two jumps. Adventurous people were very much eager to jump off. They were more excited for the jumps than to see the actual falls.


There will come a point when you’ll reach an area with food vendors. I would suggest buying a stick or two just so that you won’t get hungry along the way. It would depend on your group’s pace but if you were as slow as us, it would take awhile before reaching the next area with food. Please also don’t forget to hydrate yourself with water.



We finally reached the end after about 4 hours. If you look at the photo above, you can see a group of people behind us standing on the raft. People would ride the raft to get beneath the falls and lie face down to get a “back massage”.

When we were exiting, I noticed a lot of people coming from the exit point. I asked our guide about it and he explained that those who didn’t want to hike can just go to the falls area. But what fun would that be, right?


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