IPlay Inn Taipei


During my previous blog post, I mentioned that I will blog about our short stay in this hostel. Well, here it goes.

IPlay Inn is a hostel in the Ximending District near the city center. We stayed in their “capsule type” rooms which they call their Dormitory Rooms. One night costed around PHP 800 per person. I get claustrophobic usually when I encounter very cramped spaces. However, the bed space in IPlay Inn didn’t trigger my claustrophobia. The space was bigger than expected. You have space to sit up and roll around.



My favorite part was the bed and comforter. I expected just a thin cloth that will serve as our blanket but boy, the bed was really comfortable and the blanket was a very thick comforter, like the ones used in hotels. Every cubicle has an outlet and their own light. When sleeping, you can put the blinds down to get some privacy. Each person has his/her own locker. The lockers are located inside the room and are card key activated. One big luggage can fit their lockers.


They also provided disposable slippers and towels for their guests. There were two only two bathrooms but luckily, we arrived and departed during the time when no one was using them so we had the bathrooms all to ourselves.



They have a common area for eating or just simply reading books. It had a coffee shop vibe and they also have water and tea for their guests to get.

Overall, this place is a great place to stay when in a tight budget. I will recommend this hostel


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