My Ngong Ping 360 Experience


I’m back! I bet you guys missed me. It’s been awhile since I blogged about my adventures. I got a new job and in this company, it takes 6 months before a newbie becomes a regular employee. It is due to this factor that I haven’t been going on any adventures since I didn’t have leave with pay privileges yet. Good news is, we had a long weekend last week and fortunately, my dad booked us a flight to Hong Kong.

I guess you can say Hong Kong is my family’s second home. We used to go there around 2 times a year to see our doctor. Yes, we have a doctor there. My parents aren’t as trustworthy with Western medicine like I am so they want us to see a Chinese doctor for a second opinion. Anyway, I guess I babbled too long. Let me tell you about my Ngong Ping 360 experience.

Ever since I heard that Hong Kong has this glass bottom cable car, I’ve always wanted to go. But since our main purpose of visiting the country had always been to see a doctor, we never had time to go to the place. Thanks to the long weekend, we finally had time to ride the Ngong Ping 360. The starting point of the cable car is in Tung Chung which is very near the airport. We rode the S1 bus to Tung Chung the moment we landed. It was a practical  thing to do rather than go to straight to our place in Causeway Bay (we booked an apartment via Airbnb) and ride the cable car another day. That would cost us a lot of time and transportation expense. There are two places where you can leave your luggage. One is in the luggage area located at Citygate Outlets’ basement or in the area before you ride the cable car to Ngong Ping. I suggest leaving your luggage at Citygate Outlets. The fare is way cheaper. In the cable car area, they charge $80 PER luggage which is too expensive if you ask me. At least in Citygate Outlets, you can try fitting two luggages in one locker. They charge $20 every 2 hours for the big lockers. If your luggage is a hand carry sized one, you can use the smaller locker which is a bit cheaper and can fit two luggages of the same size.


The line was long considering it was a weekday. There were a lot of tourists. We arrived around 12:00pm and was only able to ride the cable car an hour later. There were two lines, one for the ones who pre-bought tickets and one for those who haven’t. The line for the ticket purchase was longer but the one for the pre-bought tickets was also long. I’m guessing that when they reach the counter, the personnel has to search for their booking in their system before printing the tickets. This might be the reason why it took more time than expected. Also, not all counters were open thus prolonging the waiting period even more.


We purchased a round trip ticket via the Crystal Cabin for $255. There are two options: to ride the Standard Cabin which is the normal cable car or experience a new kind of thrill by riding the Crystal Cabin which has a glass bottom. Of course, an adventure seeker like me would want to ride the Crystal Cabin. I noticed that most of the people who took the Standard Cabin were locals. Majority of the tourists took the Crystal Cabin. We wanted to have the Crystal Cabin all by ourselves but there were just too many people in line. If you happen to visit during a lean day, you can ride the cable car solo. I saw a few cable cars returning from Ngong Ping with only single individuals enjoying their rides.


Our ride to Ngong Ping was interesting. We were with a kid who was so scared that he showed us probably around 20 different facial expressions.  His mother didn’t mind him and was too busy taking photos of the amazing view. I was also busy taking photos since I wanted a perfect photo while I was there. The ride took about 30 minutes. The 30 minutes was long enough to take good photos. Since I only had my phone and GoPro, my shots weren’t nice. The GoPro was great to take a shot of the whole cable car however, it didn’t bring justice to the shots outside of the cable car. My phone’s camera wasn’t the best either but I managed somehow. The glass bottom added to the wonderful experience. A lot of adventure-seekers hiked the trail up Ngong Ping. With the glass bottom, we could see them clearly. I heard that before the Cable Car was built, people go up to Ngong Ping by hiking. I can’t imagine hiking up to Ngong Ping. Just the thought of going up the long flight of stairs and going back down again terrifies me.


Once we reached the top, various shops met our eyes. You could tell immediately that Ngong Ping is really catered for tourists. They have a lot of souvenir shops and restaurants that were a bit costly.



Ngong Ping is famous for the Tian Tan Buddah. We didn’t waste any time and walked towards the direction of the Tian Tan Buddah. On the way there, we passed by an archway which had the statues of the Twelve Heavenly Generals. Each one represents a zodiac sign. We noticed that there were a lot of oxen just walking around. It was a little later when I found out why. I saw a Muslim lady bowing and praying to one of the oxen. I guess they were there for believers to pray to.


I’ve been watching this Korean variety show called Running Man and in one of their special episodes to Hong Kong, they went to the Wisdom Path in Ngong Ping. Honestly, I wouldn’t be aware of the Wisdom Path if I didn’t watch the show. The Wisdom Path is located beyond the Tian Tan Buddah. People have to walk for a good 20 minutes and follow the path in the forest. There are signs on the way there so you wouldn’t get lost. We went to Ngong Ping expecting to look at the scenery and enjoy the place, little did we know that we had to walk a lot. Since we came straight from the airport, we weren’t dressed comfortably but we endured the long walk to arrive to the most wonderful view. When I saw the Wisdom Path, all my panting stopped. It was amazing! I can’t describe how I felt the moment I saw it in person. From seeing it in Running Man, I was actually staring at the real thing. There is a flight of stairs for people to go around. Man, the view was amazing from the top. I only have a few photos to share but I think these are enough to have you agree with me.



The walk back to the main area was tiring. We immediately looked for something cold to eat or drink. From afar, we saw a sign in Chinese that translated to Chilled Tofu in Mountain Water. My brother and I love the tofu dessert in Hong Kong. Eating this is a must every time we go to Hong Kong. This, though, was the first time that we saw it made from mountain water. We knew we had to try it. One bowl costed $13 which is a so-so price considering that we were on top of the mountain. We really enjoyed the dessert. It was very refreshing to feel the cold, sweet sensation in our mouths. It cooled us down from the walk we had.


Afterwards, we went back to Tung Chung, too bad we couldn’t appreciate Ngong Ping more. We had a prior commitment to attend to and we left around 3:00pm. The cable cars were quite empty during that time. We only had to share ours with two Australians who were touring around Hong Kong. Me and my brother grabbed this opportunity to sit down the glass bottom and have our pictures taken. Maybe our prior commitment served as a blessing in disguise. If we went back to Tung Chung during closing time, I was sure we couldn’t get a good photo inside the cable car.

Well, that sums up my Ngong Ping 360 experience! If given the chance, I would go back and take my time exploring. But for now, I guess this is all I have.



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