Puerto Galera: The Second Time Around

Last weekend, me and my friends went to Puerto Galera to celebrate Evan’s birthday weekend.


It was difficult to plan the trip since we had a lot of options when it comes to the beaches that we wanted to visit but come 3 weeks before the birthday weekend, almost every resort was fully-booked. This wasn’t a surprise since that weekend was a long weekend considering Monday was a holiday since it was election day. I searched Airbnb for potential places to stay and I came across Victoria’s Bed and Breakfast which was located at White Beach, Puerto Galera. I read her reviews carefully and she didn’t seem to have one bad review therefore I decided it was good enough to stay there. If you remember my blog post about Buri Resort a year ago, then you’d know that this wasn’t my first time in Puerto Galera. I’d say, it was better the second time around. This time, we were in White Beach, a very commercial area as compared to the private and secluded Buri Resort.

We drove to Batangas port and rode a boat to White Beach. A round trip fare ticket costed 500php. The boat ride was terrible. I have a bad case of motion sickness and it affected me more than I thought it would. Good thing we were seated in front of the boat, we had enough oxygen and water splashes to make the boat ride bearable.


Once we got to the island, I gave out a sigh of relief. The worst was finally over and it was time to enjoy the weekend. The weather was sizzling hot, not even the sand could stand the heat. We walked to Victoria’s Bed and Breakfast from the beach front. It was a good 5-10 minutes walk, depending on your pace. What’s good about the place is that it differs from the buzzing night life when staying at beach front resorts. This place was secluded and quiet, a good way to sleep the night away after a tiring day of water activities. Everyone in Victoria’s were accommodating. They helped us decide on which activities to do and even cooked lunch for us when we were hungry.


The dining area was located on the rooftop of the place. It was very windy and refreshing to sit up there and enjoy our meals.

After lunch, we proceeded to our activity which was island hopping. A boat for 6 pax was 1,500php and 350php for every extra person. I was disappointed by the size of the boat, it was small and crowded. We didn’t have enough leg room to stretch our tired legs and the engine was blasting in full volume which made it hard to talk to one another. You could say it was a very intimate boat ride.


When we reached the snorkeling point, we were approached by boatmen who had smaller boats. They offered to take us to points where we could do other activities. For 500php, they would take us to see the giant clams, fish feeding, snorkeling and the underground cave. We talked about it among ourselves and decided to proceed with it. I don’t think we had a choice either since they were all around us. I rode with Christopher. The leg room on this boat was worse. We had to sit sideways just to fit in the boat.


They took us to the underground cave first. It was very rocky and hard to climb with our slippers but we somehow managed.


When we reached to the point where we had to go inside the cave, I took my slippers off and just endured the rocky path. I thought it was better to go barefoot than destroying my slippers. The water inside was very cold to our liking. The cave was smaller than I had expected but it was beautiful.


The “kuya” who went with us knew where the good pictures can be taken and offered to take this picture for us. What’s not to love about this picture, am I right?

Next, we went snorkeling/fish feeding. I didn’t see a pawikan this time but it was alright.


The fish feeding part made up for everything. There were so many of them and the blue green ones were beautiful. I like the fact that the waters in Puerto were clear. We were able to appreciate the underwater scenery better.


After the activity portion, we went to an island to eat. If you plan to eat on an island around 5:00 pm in the afternoon, I don’t recommend it. We waited for 30-45 minutes for our food and wasted a lot of time doing nothing when we could have went to another island to beach bum and take pictures. The meal was fine but the waiting time wasn’t worth it. The sun was already starting to set when we reached our first island. We were supposed to go to another island but the boatman told us that we didn’t have time to go to the other one so we just had to make do with this island. We just had photo shoots in the island the whole duration we were there since the sun wasn’t enough for sunbathing anymore. I have to admit though, we took great photos. The sunset added to the tone of the photos.


What does an aspiring model like me do? I take model-y pictures, of course! The sun was enough to place a dramatic effect on the photo.


That night, we went to one of the many comedy bars on the stretch of White Beach. Along with the comedy were a bunch of fire performances.


I’ve seen fire performances a couple of times but this was the first time that I got so close with one. I’d say, playing with fire isn’t my cup of tea. I don’t know how these people do it.

The rest of the night was full of laughter as we watched the performers make moves on Cedrick. He even got a lap dance which was hilarious.

The next day, we finally went parasailing! It was 2,000php for two people. I rode with Evan and we struggled. They had to pull us back in two times since our weight didn’t agree with one other.


First, they asked us to switch sides and they tried again afterwards but there were still complications. It was during the third time around when we were finally airborne. It was a surprise to Evan and even to myself when I wasn’t scared. We were so high up that the boat looked like a mere cockroach but I remained calm. My heart wasn’t beating as fast as Evan’s, who was afraid of heights. I was amazed that he was able to do it. If I had a fear of heights then I wouldn’t think twice of going parasailing.


Credits to Lucibelle for taking this wonderful photo from the boat.



The trip was short but we had lots of fun! I can’t wait for the next one!



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